Heart Centred Mentoring

 Heart-centered Mentoring.  Working with me is warm, nurturing, inviting, comforting and self-empowering.  You are hugely powerful and your ability to change your world is unlimited. I want you to see and feel this for yourself because I know, see, feel and sense that Divine Feminine power that is within you just waiting to be freed! Knowing this, I work with you listening to you & asking the questions that can help you to discover what it holding you back. 


Exclusive mentoring for the woman ready for the next step…

This exclusive mentoring is for the woman who has gone through it… she has faced her fair share of challenges and wants to invest in herself. Accelerate the healing process and bring closure to what you’ve gone through by letting go of the thoughts, feelings and emotions that may be still niggling at you. 
Go that step deeper, connect with the power within you and be supported by me,  the divine feminine, the power of the moon cycles to harness these energies and move swiftly forward.