What is Empathic Mentoring?

Have you ever had a friend that you get on really well with that that when you leave that you both feel fantastic because when you get together you lift each other up. With Empathic Mentoring it is the same its like meeting an old friend who totally gets you who know how your feel and think . Who has already been through the experiences , had the thoughts  feelings and emotions and come out the other side empowered wiser and stronger. That is the vision I hold when I work with women I connect with,  that you come out the other side with someone who shared the experience with you and witness the transformation that you have given allowed yourself to embrace! Having the support of someone who is tells you that what you are feeling is is normal that you are not going mad, supporting you through the fear and seeing you find your way out the other side. Its your life and it is a process and it will be in your power to change your life and I am here to support you and cheer you on.

“We have everything we need within us, just sometimes need help accessing it”

What is holding you back?

Of all the women I have worked with and conversed with, I find the same themes coming up. Mainly they are being held back from an amazing and abundant life because of holding onto all the old crap! Guilt, shame, that horrible gut wrenching fear of change or the unknown, anger, resentment and huge self limiting beliefs. Some women carry this stuff around for years & years but if you are here reading this I am guessing you have landed here because you know deep down it is time for change.

How I work

 Heart centered Mentoring.  Working with me is warm, nurturing, inviting , comforting and self empowering.  You are hugely powerful and your ability to change your world is unlimited. I want you to see and feel this for yourself, because I know, see, feel and sense that Divine Feminine power that is within you just waiting to be freed! Knowing this, I work  with you listening to you & asking the questions that can help you to discover what it holding you back. 

 I use many techniques when we work together,  heart centered mentoring not only looks at how you speak to yourself. What self limiting beliefs do you have.  Looking into where you feel your stress and fear in your body and what it is we can do to dissipate those feelings ( anger, shame, resentment, guilt, sadness, etc)  Don’t worry we all have those feelings within us, nobody is issue free. Giving you also an awareness of energy, tuning into your body, how to move stuck energy. How you can ground and protect yourself. Affirmations and how they work for you. How you can raise your vibrations .Your session is specific for you and your needs. You will come away feeling more empowered. Life is a process, it can take time to integrate what you learned and the insight and understanding you have gained. So be gentle with yourself. Your life is about to change for the better, when you empower you ,you give permission to those around you to empower themselves! Powerful women, empowered children, powerful families !


I had a gorgeous online EFT session with Marie a few weeks back. The session was so relaxed she knew exactly how to support me and guide me, the tapping was so relaxing and something I now use in my daily life. I would highly recommend Marie. ?

Yvonne O'Grady / Facebook

Thank you Marie for your truly life changing guidance. A lifetime of life limiting judgements gone in one session. I am now in a happier healthier head space. Looking forward to living the next phase of my life.
5 stars. x

Lucy Carty / Facebook