When you Change your World….

When you change your world ,your world changes in ways you cannot imagine!

Making the decision that there is a better world for me in this one was the driving force that spurred me into looking for where I might find that world and being open to whatever I was guided to do.
When you start off initially it’s a good idea to pick an area that you are interested in exploring. I did start off with the Who am I course. I come from a time where we followed the formula on life. I have living memories of women being forced to give up work so that they could look after the family. It was just out of it when I got married and had my children so always seem to be in perfect timing for what I am here to do. No co-incidence in that as I do believe that we pick the lives we want to lead to gain the experiences to expand and grow and if we don’t then we come back again and do it all over!
I love energy and was looking for a connection to something , call it God Spirit whatever work you give it was that connection. When you feel disconnected then you always feel that there is part of you missing but you are not sure what it is. So I followed the energetic path doing Reiki, IET, Mystery school. They were all fine and I loved being in the energy but they still did not give me the connection to myself that I craved.
Onwards I went doing Complimentary Therapies Reflexology, Indian Champissage, They were also lovely as they gave me hands on but they also did not give me the connection I wanted.
It was when I heard about NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming that I loved the thought that you can change your thoughts and change your world. It was over 2 years and in those 2 years my life changed and grew, I could actually feel the neural pathways in my brain firing with the different thoughts ideas and belief changed. In doing this for myself I learned about that power that we all possess inside us that we don’t recognise it for what it is and don’t utilize enough.
I came to discover what it was that had been buried under layers of programming, it’s the spark that it within each and every one of us. It’s the Divine Spark that if we work with will never stear us wrong. It is us the essence of who we are and it allows us to become more than. More than the programming of man because this is not man made. I came to know the meaning of we are one and what a glorious world we live in.
Does that mean that we do not go through challenging experiences, unfortunately not , some of these are pre-ordained some are self-inflicted but no experience is wasted .What does happen that if you listen to your guidance that you will have the ability to navigate around them.
So if you recognise yourself and feel that your life can change and you can be a connected you then you can. Say you are ready and then go for it!

I have always been fascinated with the myth and magic of the country we live in and the land that supports us. I love living here and believe that particularly in Ireland that there are so much support for us now that would not have been available and for women its to be open to the concept of having family and doing what you love doing. I am a huge Networker and am in awe of the calibre of the women with the diversity of backgrounds that are paving their own way so that they can follow their dreams being the best they can be, following their business dreams and with the ability to share with their family.

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