What Is Empathic Mentoring?

What is Empathic Mentoring?

Have you ever had a friend that you get on really well with that that when you leave that you both feel fantastic because when you get together you lift each other up. With Empathic Mentoring it is the same its like meeting an old friend who totally gets you who know how your feel and think . Who has already been through the experiences , had the thoughts and come out the other side empowered wiser and stronger. That is the vision I hold when I work with women I connect with,  that you come out the other side with someone who shared the experience with you and witness the transformation that you have given allowed yourself to embrace! Having the support of someone who is tells you that what you are feeling is is normal that you are not going mad, supporting you through the fear and seeing you find your way out the other side. Its your life and it is a process and it will be in your power to change your life and I am here to support you and cheer you on.

“We have everything we need within us, just sometimes need help accessing it”

When you  are facing or going through great times of change it makes you aware of your thoughts feelings and emotions and how they hinder or help you.

While we are all unique we do share the ability to criticise ourselves, we  physically feel fear in our bodies that can leave us feeling paralyzed and scrambling for meaning in our lives. It is also a very powerful place to be because it can be a catalyst for change and being open to that you can access power and courage you never knew you possessed.

Working with me is warm nurturing inviting and comforting and self empowering.  You are hugely powerful and your ability to change your world is unlimited, I want you to see and feel this for yourself because I know , see , feel and sense that Divine Feminine power that is within you just waiting to be freed!

The key to freedom is the openness to change.

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