Give yourself permission to rest, relax and discover a truly amazing life. 

As an Empathic Mentor I intuitively get a sense of you and your big vision of life . I can see where you are holding yourself back and what it is you can do to release yourself from the stories that are holding you back.

It takes time to relax and get to trust the person that we connect with and I believe that when we are relaxed we are more open to changing our lives. 

I also believe that we can pamper ourselves in the process and it is with this in mind that I have created the VIP day. 

 We get together at  approx. 3 pm booking into a hotel with beautiful gardens and gorgeous food. This will be followed by a one to one session for approx. 2 hours followed by rest before dinner.

Dinner (with or without wine) where in this relaxed atmosphere we can chat more about what world you want to create for yourself going forward.

If you wish this can be followed by nightcap or rest time whichever you prefer.

After a nights rest we will meet for breakfast and deal with whatever issues that came up for you yesterday evening .  I will give you what I feel empatically is holding and how to move it. After breakfast we will do another 2 hour session with break for walk during as it helps clear the air and allows you to be open to creative ideas flowing.

We end with lunch  freeing you to create the world you wish from the magic that was created during our VIP time together.

All times are approximate as I will be also guided by you and will be at a pace that relaxes and flows! Therin the magic lies. This format may change after our initial call once I have assessed your stress levels & we have spoken about whats happening in your life. 

Looking forward to welcoming  you on this magical transformational relaxing, empowering time together! 

What You Get:

2 x 2 formal sessions, lots of informal working together.

Dinner, Breakfast, Hotel with beautiful surroundings and luxurious treats

Gentle walks & relaxed atmosphere

Create the world you want from the magic created during our time together!

Book your Retreat Now

Pay online to book your retreat today. I will be in contact with you to select the sort of experience you want to have and the area you want to visit. 


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