Welcome to Week 4

During previous weeks we have been working with a team of archangels of abundance but this special Archangel has been coming to Marie as we have been working on this weeks instalment of the course. Archangel Barachiel – They are known as the angel of blessings (also known as Barakiel). The name actually means “blessings of God”. Baracheil delivers the blessings of the universe to us humans, what a special job!. Working very closely with Archangel Sandalphon (who carries the messages from us), Baracheil is the one responsible for delivering those blessings back to us. 

We welcome Baracheil to surrround us as we meditate and tap, keep them in mind during the week as it goes on and he surrounds you & keep an eye out for the blessings they may be delivering to you!.

Citrine Energy

Citrine – a beautiful crystal and one which is traditionally associated with abundance and wealth. Citrine can be used on a few of the Chakras, the heart, solar plexus and the throat spring to mind! Citrine will go wherever the energy is required so feel free to use your Citrine as you most feel guided to. 

With its golden light Citrine calls in the energy of abundance and draws wealth to you. An incredibly tough crystal Citrine will dissipate anger issues, will boost you up and help you zone out / switch off to that which does not serve you. It is the ideal companion to you for calming and pleasurably energy. 

There are a few images that come to Felicia during her work with the Citrine, shared here below these may be things you like to reflect on this week and during the video play.

The Citrine Within

Each participant on this course now has a citrine, and the energy of the citrine resting within them in their root chakra – some may have it activated for a short while as they deal with particular issues that crop up, others may have it for life. It is a gift. 


Merlin pops up during the meditation with his huge citrine staff and wand. He is here to call in the prosperity wealth and abundance and walk alongside you. 


A beautiful Butterfly

The image of the butterfly and it spreading its wings comes to mind as we finish this four week course. You are ready to fly!

Energy & Kundalini 

Kundalini is the energy of ultimate life force. It is a divine feminine energy and one that lives in each of us – our inner fire. Some say that when the energy is activated its like a flame or a warmth that travels through the body from chakra to chakra filling us with a warm glow and a greater consciousness. 

Going back to our figure of 8 image from previous weeks imagine activating the Kundalini and it flowing like a wave in those figure of 8 ribbons around our body, from the root to the gut, the heart and up to our head.

As the energy waves through this coil it activates and boosts up each of our chakras expanding our vibration and our conscious state.