Week 3 Alta Major /Crystal Pink Tourmaline/Tapping connecting sharing and accepting abundance

Welcome to Week 3Remember personal responsibility for your own well-being . The information we are sharing is what we have been guided to share. Remember any issues that come up please join the fb group for support. There is something of borrowed benefits where if someone in group has an issue then tapping or meditating on it benefits all!As always create a quiet space, make sure you have a blanket and water at hand. You may need to supplement in your diet when you are going through the process of changing your life.https://www.facebook.com/groups/powerfulfemininewisdom00.00 Marie Introduction03.30 Felicia activating the Alta Major06.35 Marie tapping on calling the angels of abundance to work with us! Felicia is on sound bowls also to work on vibrational level to attune to frequency of abundance.08.30 Marie Meditation connecting with abundance with the figure of 8 sharing and accepting this beautiful sea of abundance!22.55 Felicia Crystal Pink Tourmaline and meditation.41.19 Marie accessing and activating passion.43.48 Tapping on activating passion, grounding in root chakra. Using the energy of passion guide the way!Congratulations on finishing week 3 and looking forward to seeing you next week!

Welcome to Week 3

Hello and welcome to this week! The information we are sharing is what we have been guided to share with you – if you have anything that crops up for you during this week please head over to our facebook group where there is plenty of support waiting for you!. As always, before you begin make sure you have your sacred quiet space ready with a blanket and plenty of water. Further ideas & images to supplement this weeks video can be found below. 

The Alta Major

Or as Marie calls it in the video – the Seat of Consiousness. Today we are unlocking the Alta Major which can be found at the base of our skull and top of our spine meet. In modern science it is known as the “Reticular Activation System”. It is our very own tree of life and when you look at the image to the right and compare it with the body chakra map you can see how they compliment one another – we are all connected to the universe, to nature and to one another. 

Angels of Abundance

As we have met in previous weeks we are using our team of Angels of abundance. Keep in your mind the Archangels Ariel, Chamuel, Haneil, Jeremial, Metatron, Raguel, Raziel and Sandolphan. The angels are here working with us to call in all the beautiful abundance and prosperity. 

As we go through the meditation today the figure of 8 (remember Shakira in week one and the figure of 8 dance) and the ebb and flow of energy comes up. Below is a mantra that you may wish to print and use at home throughout the next few weeks. 


Pink Tourmaline

The crystal for the heart chakra and one for the divine feminine and our crystal for the week. Sometimes us ladies get too caught up in the masculine, we embody masculine energies and some of the more typically masculine traits (such as not letting go and not crying). Pink Tourmaline comes to the rescue and will help us to connect with our divine feminine and recall our strength to higher energies of strength and confidence. We can use tourmaline to teach us call back to us parts of our power and parts of ourselves and cleanse these parts to help us as we move on. 

Pink Tourmaline vibrates for each of us with the power of LOVE! so use yours as we meditate.