Welcome to Week Two!

Find your Voice – Unblock your Root Chakra. 
Last week we met a team of archangels of abundance and we called on them to help us to unblock our root chakra and to discover the abundance that awaits us.  This week we want to help you as a woman to find your voice, this is incredibly powerful. 

The focus this week is the Vegus nerve & as we touch on in the video, our bodies are sacred and parts very delicate, such as behind the ear at the start of the Vegus nerve. Please be mindful of this and be gentle with yourself if you are using crystals at home. If you don’t have access to the crystal itself scroll down for an image you can use to meditate on.

The Om

When we use sound and vibration to attract energy our team of archangels come calling! Everything around us is pulsating and vibrating – all the time. When we chant together the sound Om, it vibrates at the frequency of 432 Hz, which is the same vibrational frequency found throughout everything in nature. Om is the basic sound of the universe, when we unite in saying it together, once, three or as many times as you want, we symbolically and physically acknowledge our connection to one another, nature, angels and the universe. 



This weeks crystal is Larimar, as Felicia describes it looks like a paradise island in some far off land. The energy of the crystal is a volcanic and water energy, like a ying and yang. This crystal will attune you if you are off track and connect you to both sides of yourself, the ying and yang, the light and the dark. 


The Vegus Nerve

The vagus nerve  is associated with the parasympathetic nervous system, one that helps us to rest, digest and heal. It originates from the base of the brain and exits the skull just behind and below the ears. Vagus nerve fibers fan out criss crossing across your body and right through your chakras.

As Felicia explains in the video it activates and carries messages to major organs and indeed each chakra. It might help you to picture this body map when you are meditating on your figure of 8’s crossing your body and activating each chakra. 

You might feel warm after the Larimar meditation with Felicia so make sure you have your nice glass of water or cool drink on hand, not only is it important to stay hydrated but it also helps to settle the energies. 


This weeks Songs