Do you feel a bit stuck? 

Feel like you need to make some important or big decisions? 

Have you lost your way in life a bit and have an incredibly full plate?

Take a deep breath and feel the awakening

Chances are that if you are looking at this page you are feeling a calling to change something in your life. If you feel the pull of crystals, feel the prescence of otherworldly beings and know somewhere in your core that there is more out there you – then this is your time to sparkle and shine. Allow yourself to take the time and slip into the sacred space Marie and Felicia create for you.

This course is an introduction to the team of powerful archangels you will be working with. Once we have introduced them to you, you’ll be amazed at how in-tune you become with your own personal power. Through Marie & Felicia, Merlin the magician takes you on a magical healing journey that uplifts, inspires and transforms your daily life.

For such a long time us as women have struggled to truly harness our feminine energy and call in all the parts of ourselves that have been lost for generations. We, as females, rarely have an ancestral blueprint for abundant wealth and prosperity because the way of the world has been favoured more to men. In this course we use everything we can to help unblock years and other lifetimes of things that are preventing us from living a prosperous and abundant life. Once you are aligned and energy is flowing freely through your chakras the riches will come!.

Having worked on this course themselves over a period of months, both Marie and Felicia are a testament to the incredible shifts that took place within their own lives – from improved relationships to being able to speak out and step into their own power. Both women are now bringing this to you!

What the course covers

Week 1 / Introduction/ Merlin /Keys and Codes/ Crystal Citrine / Tapping Gratitude and Thanks

Calling back aspects of yourself, diamond light

Working with Amber, Ancestral healing, symbols

Akashic Records, Desert Rose Crystal, Tapping

Working on the throat chakra, releasing shackles that bind

Past lives

Working with Merlin and Gweneth, activating your stargate! Symbols, Ruby crystal & infinity symbol.