What is EFT?

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is a system of tapping various energy points on your body. I like to call it needle-less acupuncture as it has similar results without the need for needle. As your guide in this practice I will show you the various tapping points while taking you through a series of verbal prompts that you can repeat and add your own words to. 

As a qualified EFT Practicioner I found that often when working with clients similar issues would come up. I developed this library of EFT sessions based on these common issues that at one time or another we may need help shifting these range from releasing fear and anger to reframing negative self talk & setting up your day for success. 

Coming Soon

EFT Library available for purchase and download. 

While we are working away uploading these sessions have a look at what EFT is and what a practice looks like. 

If you would like me to work directly with you on a customised EFT session please feel free to get in touch below. 

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