The importance of time out to process

Welcome to January 2021
We continue to live in quiet time. Time out, refocusing our lives so to speak. One that we did not choose but was thrust upon us. If change is going to happen in the world there is nothing like a global pandemic to shake things up!
We are forced into facing decisions we might have been putting off or trying new ways of working. Looking at our relationships in a different way. Everything we saw as normal has changed.
All of this takes time to process so having a quiet January and February, embracing the winter recovering, recalibrating, repurposing our lives with a focus on what we want to create in the future.
I have found the move I went through was impactful and am at present coming to terms on how I want to work going forward, there are old energies that are hanging on from the past that I am in the 
process of letting go so that I can create a new way of being on a mental emotional and physical level especially on a physical level.  My body is a barometer for the issues that I need to look at. Helping me move forward and release is a new project for me.
I have always loved radio since I did stint with the lovely Susan Smyth on RosFM. I found it uplifted and inspired me.
I am delighted to say that I am joining Loughrea Community Radio on alternate Saturdays interviewing the people behind the businesses in Loughrea. Their lives their 
challenges ,how they are getting through their challenging times and what keeps them going. In they sharing their stories they will inspire others.
Even in lockdown things can happen quickly, from a friend request on Messenger, to an interview on a radio show, to having my own show all in the month of January and most in the last week. Let enjoyment  of what you do guide your way.
While I have been interviewed before, 
consistently presenting a radio show will be a new challenge for me!
Its still winter energy so give yourself some time out to recalibrate and think about what you want to create the life you want, how you want to feel. Let enjoyment of what you do in life be your guide. Be gentle with  yourself and those around you. You’ve got this!

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