Taking Responsibility for your Life

Taking Personal Responsibility for your life!

We have been programmed to hand over our power to others , we eat foods that are poisoning us and go to the doctor for tablets so that we can continue to do so.

We drink coffee when we are stressed and go to a doctor for a cure when we are sick. 

We can’t sleep at night yet wont give up working or tv or whatever is stimulating us before we go to bed then we need sleeping tablets.

We suffer from heartburn but don’t listen to the body that the foods we are eating are literally burning our system with acid and take antacids the make us feel better.

We no longer take responsibility for ourselves. I can understand that as we do not like giving food or drink up that gives us a feeling of treating ourselves.

We are now in the era of change and it is a great time to be alive. We have never had as many tools at our disposal or as many people around who are here to help us. I have invested heavily in myself over the years on mental emotional and spiritual level and will continue to do so. 

Anything that takes us out of the fear which hold us back, the treadmill of life, I am all for. I use them all and there are still times in my life when my energy dips. I recognise it for what it is and why it is happening. We totally ignore the seasons , there is a reason why Winter is about slowing down we  were never meant to be on the go 24/7. Embrace that, it is also why it is better to make new year’s resolutions in Spring time rather in January. That way you are working in harmony with the seasons.

 I love going for sessions once a month, when you are taking care of others it is important to be taking care of yourself. When you are going through big changes in life it is important to support your mind, body and spirit. Going for energy healing, I love TBM myself or Kinesiology. If have back neck or shoulder pain I go for Amatsu. Mediation group is great for keeping your energy stable. This is why I offer try EFT sessions, as I know that there is a need within our society for people to take some time to reconnect with themselves and their bodies. 

Supporting  Mind Body and Spirit make the changes help support you when you are going through those changes. 

Its why I do mentoring , I know the benefits on working on all levels ,while you are connected supported allowing you to become empowered. I have discovered the more work you do on yourself the more empowered you become and then you build your life from there. Whatever life you want that is in alignment with your true self!


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