Space to allow something New to Happen

Welcome to February 

I can honestly say that January and February are my hibernating months. It allows time to rest and recharge.
This year was different I gave myself space to do something new, something I have had a longing for over the last number of years, Community Radio.
When the timing is right things just fall into place. It happened with my house and its has also happened with radio. I connected in January with the lady who set up station within a week I was on her show ( her first live I might add) we literally met in the carpark went in and recorded show live.
When spirit has plans for you, the right people and circumstances fall into place. Within 3 weeks I had my own show where I get to interview the people behind the 
businesses in Loughrea. “The Link” with Marie Nugent. So proud.
Every little step takes you out of your comfort zone. As I have been pre recording my shows my next step is to record live. This one I will be rising to on the 20th March when I do my first live show!
Its allowing me to expand gently in a time of when the energy out there is one of contraction.
We are in Spring now, the buds are beginning to show, there is a grand stretch in the evening. It is a time of hope. Remember if all in your world is well then that is your reality.
So just for today take time to breath, look at the world around you , appreciate the sun, the clouds, grass, flowers, trees, air we breath, people in your life. Appreciate you, the body you inhabit, that you can eat, drink breath, feeling all your 
emotions, they also make you who you are.
Give thanks for who you are.
You are here for a reason and you are unique!
sending out energetic connections to those who are in need of my help, so contact me for sessions if you feel the push!

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