There are times in our lives when we get the urge to change,

I have been through this many times and I usually find that it is a process that we go through to get to that point. So you feel you want to change your life and you don’t know where to start.

Lets look at your life and see where you stand. Lets look at where you want to be.

This block of six sessions is about giving yourself the time and space while loving, supporting and respecting yourself, giving yourself a break, dealing with the gut wrenching fear that can accompany any major decisions that you make to follow your heart. I can be the person to accompany you as you learn to embrace who you are, you have everything you need within you allow it to be free!

Transformational change can be yours…

Don’t just take my word for it…take theirs!

I found Marie to be very intuitive and supportive, her guidance helped me locate some energetic blocks which have been there since childhood. I feel much more confident and less stressed. I would highly recommend Marie Thank you


Marie is brilliant. I had an online session with her yesterday and I am a new woman. I cannot believe how relaxed I am, how much more energy I have and how my whole mindset has changed. I honestly would not have believed one session could do so much. Thank you from the bottom of my heart


What an amazing lady! So far, I had 2 sessions with Marie and I feel so much better! It is a great service and I will definitely return for more sessions! Thank you Marie, you are unique!


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