There are times in our lives when we need support to find our inner sparkle.

Hi my name is Marie Nugent, I am a lightworker, intuitive and life experience mentor. I’ve always knew I am here here for a reason and it is to help enlighten women to their true potential, their gifts of love intuition, support, empathy and understanding. Because we are such beings then our emotions play a huge role in whatever circumstance we are going through. I am  here for strategic mentoring and to support you for those times in life when you need someone there, not all the time but at specific times in your life. It could be you are going through a stressful patch in life with young children, a new business, looking after parents, getting a divorce or just in general feeling like you are in a funk and have lost yourself a bit. I have been through this many times and I usually find that it is a process that we go through to get to that point where you feel you want change in your life. You know things ‘aren’t right’ but might not be sure how to change things – this is where I can help you to gain insight into your feelings, work through them and regain your inner sparkle & shine. 

Let’s look at your life and see where you stand. Let’s look at where you want to be.

Our time together is about giving yourself the time and space while loving, supporting and respecting yourself, giving yourself a break, dealing with the gut wrenching fear that can accompany any major decisions that you make to follow your heart. Here are some life events that you might need help and support with.

Separation – letting go, supporting in all the emotions you go through. Loss, anxiety, stress, fear, anger and resentment etc.Help in processing those emotions, bringing clarity and strength through adversity

Going through Divorce – support as you go through the process, having support empowers you in facing the unknown!

Discovering and Recovering after Divorce – In long term relationships we are influenced by the comments of our partners. Rediscovering the real you starts when you are recovering from Divorce. Definitely a way to bounce back quicker finding your inner sparkle

Expanding past the Fear Factor-  Fear can keep us captive in jobs, relationships, patterns that don’t serve you. Recognising this can help you break down the fear that will allow you to take that leap. Helping you to look at fear differently changes the effect it has on mind body spirit.

Facing the Unknown –  Fear of the unknown is huge as it makes us feel unsafe and ungrounded. Learning to embrace the unknown is a great skill set to develop. Allows you to navigate through life trusting your own navigating system.

Reconnect with yourself – Mind Body Spirit. Feeling lost and alone. Learn how you connect with yourself allows you to rise to any challenge.

Meant to stand out from the crowd – The women I work with are aware that they are meant to stand out from the crowd.They are fellow lightworkers here to make a difference in the world. They see feel and know that there is more to life than the one they leading. Let’s connect and see what your inner potential is!

Strategic Mentoring with Marie

Trust is important in the type of work that I do and that takes time to build and connect. We will know from a connection call if we are in sync with one another, this is really important going forward. It is not everyone that is in the right place for this to happen hence the importance of having both parties in alignment. Creating a safe space for you to unwind and acknowledge the emotions you are going through is hugely important. Having access to support in your life when actually going through challenging times, can help you process your emotions so that they empower you instead of draining  you. We can use up a huge amount of energy on the emotional rollercoaster. When we work together a safe, secure sanctuary is created and this becomes your safe space. Safe space allows you to expand and grow. It is within this space that the magic happens and your inner sparkle can be found.

Don’t just take my word for it…take theirs!

I found Marie to be very intuitive and supportive, her guidance helped me locate some energetic blocks which have been there since childhood. I feel much more confident and less stressed. I would highly recommend Marie Thank you


Marie is brilliant. I had an online session with her yesterday and I am a new woman. I cannot believe how relaxed I am, how much more energy I have and how my whole mindset has changed. I honestly would not have believed one session could do so much. Thank you from the bottom of my heart


What an amazing lady! So far, I had 2 sessions with Marie and I feel so much better! It is a great service and I will definitely return for more sessions! Thank you Marie, you are unique!


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