Self Limiting Beliefs

Self Limiting Beliefs

We were born to be magnificent at least I believe that but we grow up within the confines of a world where all the rules are made for us and enforced on us as we are growing up and it has the desired effect of keeping us small and confined.

There is the story of the elephant and how they train them by tying them to a stake when they are small and as they grow the size of the stake remains the same as the elephant grows when they become adults the mere fact of them being tied is enough to keep them in place. That’s programming.

I was talking to a friend today and she made the statement that she never had money and never will have money . How often are we telling ourselves stories like this that play over and over in our minds till them become the story of our lives. They become true because that is what we tell ourselves.

Money stories have a huge part to play in our lives. In Ireland in particular it is embedded in the psyche of the people, its something that I am aware of and in that took work for me to overcome. We had so many centuries of lack that it is great that we are at a time where it is possible to create wealth
How did I overcome my belief. I used everything EFT , NLP, energy healing ,vision boards , visualizations, constantly correcting my thoughts. It does take some effort but it is so worth it in the end. I was not always successful but that was when something came along and took my focus off before the new thought was imbedded for what I was trying to achieve. Such is life it is a process of finding out what works best for you.

Self limiting beliefs create fear in our lives particularly when we try to over come them. The are so strongly entrenched in our bodies that they work like anchors keeping us in a place whether we want to or not. They have a vibration usually felt lower in our bodies that keeps us down. But all behaviours that we embrace have at their root are attempting to keep us safe and in realising that we can embrace new and uplifting beliefs that can become our new belief and feel safe. The challenge is doing it when there is no evidence to start with.

So what do you do this is the magic of being human is finding what works best for you. Two things you can do.
Affirmations are great if said in the present and in a positive manner using your own words.
I personally love sending love to money, like you would do to a great friend. I make it as part of things I love in my life, If you feel it coming from your heart you are on the right track anything that gives you a warm fuzzy feeling in our heart of feel good means that the energy is really powerful. The more powerful the energy the more likelihood of it clearing the way to allow great things to happen in your life.
Have fun practicing !

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