Welcome to week three, this week focusing on the Thyroid and working to heal that and amplify your voice. 

As always please cleanse your space however you see fit, make sure you have plenty to drink on hand & a nice warm blanket to keep cosy during the meditations. 

The Power of Intent

As we spoke about. in the video sometimes the most powerful thing we can do is use our voices out loud to set intentions and use the power of intent. Speak into the universe what it is that you want to use your voice for this is incredibly powerful when going into a meeting or working with a team, or as Felicia mentioned – even going shopping!! 

This Weeks Crystals

The first crystal this week we introduce is Turquoise, it is a fabulous crystal for an uplift and to increase confidence. A brilliant piece to wear as a necklace as it is such a magical and vibrant colour.

The next crystal Felicia introduces is Orange Calcite, a soft crystal like turquoise so be careful you don’t chip it. Great for the lymphatic system you can use Orange Calcite to massage fingers and toes to get that lymphatic system moving. It is a fantastic crystal for the Sacral Chakra, so using both you are linking the Throat and Sacral together and creating a bridge. 


Inner Child Work

“Ho’oponopono” (pronounced HO-oh-Po-no-Po-no or as Felicia says Hop on a Pony), is a beautiful Hawaiian teaching for forgiveness and healing. The word ho’oponopono roughly translates to “cause things to move back in balance” or to “make things right.” It is a meditation state and causes expansion beyond what you can imagine. We love to use it as a mantra and use it as an EFT tapping. After a period of time using it this will permeate your inner core, your inner child and your inner mother.