Welcome to week 2, we are looking at the endocrine system, last week was the piturity gland this week is the penial gland – the seat of consciousness or the third eye. 

The Pineal gland is known throughout academics and energy workers as being the seat of consciousness, or as some of you might know it ‘the third eye’. It is located deep within the brain & is your bodies connection to light via circadian rhythm (helping you know when to sleep and when to awaken). In spiritual traditions many believes it serves as the connection point between the physical and the spiritual worlds. 

This weeks Crystals


Found mainly in Afghanistan & Egypt, this is an incredibly energetic stone. Each mine will produce a different quality and colour of stone, really amazing. Great for personal protection and deactivating old energies that no longer serve us. Wear as a necklace or place on your throat to empower and enhance your voice!


Sunstone is good for brightening moods, bringing emotional and spiritual warmth, and helping to motivate those who stand in its light. Emotionally it brings optimism and raises self worth. Spiritually it connects with the sacral chakra and can stir up with chi.

Dealing with Anger

As Women one feeling that comes up a lot is anger – and its no wonder as so many of us shoulder the burden of years of generational oppression! We can be angry that our voices do not get heard or angry at feeling that we do not have a voice to use in the first place. 

When tapping alongside Marie you might also like to add your own feelings and your own words, then you can tap during the week between videos or anytime you are triggered with angry feelings.