Do you struggle with the feeling that your voice is not being heard?

Feel like you want to speak up and speak out

Do you need to have some difficult conversations to make your life better

Find your Courageous and Beautiful Voice

Chances are that if you are looking at this page you are feeling a calling to change something in your life or you are headed over here from one of our previous courses. If you feel the pull of crystals, feel the prescence of otherworldly beings and know somewhere in your core that there is more out there you – then this is your time to sparkle and shine. Allow yourself to take the time and slip into the sacred space Marie and Felicia create for you. 

Unblock your Throat Chakra

For centuries and for generations of women the use of their true voices have been taken away, they have been silenced. We as modern women may feel confident but we still carry the weight of generations of silence on our shoulders.

In this course we use everything we can to help unblock years and other lifetimes of things that are preventing us from living a prosperous and abundant life and from using our voices to get us there. Once you are aligned and energy is flowing freely through your chakras the riches will come!.Each week we meditate, have rerflections, Felicia works with Crystals & Marie uses EFT and guided meditations to unlock or recall different parts of you and help you to shed the old and embrace the new. Some of the features of the course can be seen below;

What the course covers

An introduction to the Archangels of abundance, tapping and power points, working and meditation with Black Tourmaline crystal.

This week we meet a new Archangel, we look into using Om and sound vibration to clear out chakra blockages and raise frequencies within our bodies.Focusing this week on the Vagus nerve and the crystal is Larimer.

We look at a little at the figure of 8 this week and go swimming in a beautiful sea of abundance. This weeks crystal is Pink Tourmaline. We also touch on passion and the flames of passion and desire to set your week up.

Archangel Barachiel joins us this week bringing us abundant blessings. This is a huge week with activating Kundalini energies within the body. The crystal this week powers this even more. By the end of this week you have made amazing strides in clearing and completely unblocking your root chakra & you now have a powerful toolbox full of tricks to help if you get stuck with anything again.