The nature of coaching is that you are paying for my time & my expertise in helping you through any road blocks or times of change in life. However, there are also standard business overheads too which is why I have the following policies in place.

One to One Coaching Session – I do not offer refunds on my 60/90 minute coaching calls, should you feel dissatisfied with the service you receive please talk to me and we can discus a resolution. Remembering that you are personally responsible for your own self care and you are using your own free will if anything I say in our sessions does not resonate with you please feel free to disregard it.
Should you need to cancel our booked in session please give 24 hours notice. Any cancellations within 24 hours previous to the session will incur a €50 fee. Should you fail to attend within 20 minutes of the session starting I will still charge for the session in full.

6 Week Mentoring / 3 Month / 6 Month Package – Should you wish to cancel one of these packages during its course (which I dont recommend – I would suggest a break if it gets too much!) I will issue a partial refund I deem appropriate for the stage of the course you are currently at.

Circle Call’s & Audio Downloads – I do not offer refunds on any circle call or audio download.

VIP Experience – No refunds are offered for the VIP Experience because of the nature of having 3rd party bookings, any cancellations will also still be charged at full rate because of having a location booked & having blocked booked my time. Should you attend a VIP Experience and feel dissatisfied after, please talk to me so we can reach a suitable resolution.

Prevention is better than Cure! Before taking on any mentoring clients, I always have a discovery call to see if the vibe is right and that I am able to truly help you so I align myself with spiritually aware, awakened intuitive women who are willing to change not only their worlds but those around them.