How does it work?

Working together

I have been part of a lot of groups because there is huge power in women working together. There is a confidentiality aspect to this work that goes without saying and is inherent in all work we do together.

A chance to speak

Circle work is slightly different in that all parties get a chance to talk and speak on what issues that they have on their mind and what they want brought up for healing.

Space for healing

Everyone gets a chance to speak without comment from the other participants in the circle this is really important as in speaking and listening we allow space for healing.

Transform Together

 Our psyche as women we want to fix so not commenting allows the words to be said and in silence , there is no judgement within session that makes us courageous in our spoken word.

Borrowed Benefits

There is usually a common thread among all the participants and there is borrowed healing for everyone within the group that is cleared with the meditation.

Healing meditation

 There will be a healing meditation at end of session dealing with all the issues that come up.

Super Charge your Week!

Tuesday morning is a great time to super charge and set up your week. I find myself increasingly surrounded by women who stand out and are born to sparkle & shine, this regular Tuesday morning group is a space for us all to come together and to see what comes up & then meditate. Space is limited to 10 ladies only and advanced booking is required.

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