About the Meditation Audio

In the Children’s Meditation audio, all 7 tracks are told as interactive stories in which children can tap into strengths they do not realize they have using mindfulness, visualization and affirmations.

All techniques very powerful on their own but together with the child’s own power are transforming in helping them to develop their own self esteem. In developing self-esteem children are developing emotional resilience and they will have the natural ability to deal with and overcome life’s challenges.

The power of the children today is phenomenal and for them to be able to tap into that power they need the tools to know how to deal with life. How they feel, where they feel it and the ability to change how they feel and think. Children will pick what works for them at different stages in their lives and that is their true power, an inner knowing what works for them!

Everything in this Children’s Meditation audio has personally worked for me and helped me transform my life and my ability to deal with challenges and in the process developed a discernment on what feels right for me. My self-esteem comes from within and not how others see me and that has been transforming for me personally but that has taken my lifetime to learn. For children to start with these foundations in place will allow them to achieve their true ability and greatness that is within each and every one of them. They are the pioneers of the future and what they will achieve in their lifetime we can only dream about!

  • Works on Mental, Emotional Level and on Feeling Connected.
  • Teaches breathing relaxing and visualisation.
  • Choice in how you think.
  • Feeling sad and anxious how to change it.
  • Colour therapy.
  • Standing up for yourself, standing in your own power.
  • Dealing with Bullies.
  • Cutting negative ties.
  • The magic of Gratitude
  • The power of intent.
  • Guardian Angels the power of their divine protection.
  • Developing the emotional resilience to deal with life.
  • I would love for pregnant mums to listen to this cd as well as benefiting them will help set their children up to deal with life.
  • For babies what a great way to drift off to sleep being surrounded by positive messages of empowerment not to mention a soothing voice.
  • For children to help in dealing with starting school all the way up till they finish.
  • For relaxation and de stressing before exams.
  • For adults who wish to learn to meditate and how to relax.