To Rise and Shine in Challenging times allows you to also align with your Prosperity Consciousness! 

I work with people who are discovering that deep in their core, the essence of being you is bigger than what you embody here. Perhaps you are coming to this realisation because you are facing a challenging time in your life. I have discovered through my own challenging experiences the huge benefits in help and support going through these times. 

We all carry with us generations of hurts and traumas, beliefs and values that come from years ago and usually are doing us no favours. When we go through difficult times deep-rooted issues that we have been avoiding often come to the fore! This is where I come in. 

I am here to work with you to clear the decks – shift the old energies and awaken the power within you that can become your guiding light to prosperity consciousness. 



Walk through the gateway igniting your abundant life…

This course is an introduction to the team of powerful archangels you will be working with. Once we have introduced them to you, you’ll be amazed at how in tune you become with your own personal power. Through Marie & Felicia, Merlin the magician takes you on a magical healing journey that uplifts, inspires and transforms your daily life.

This 7 week course is delivered via a series of videos featuring guided meditation, crystal healing and channelling, tapping using Emotional Freedom Technique, affirmations and spirituality. At the end of the 7 weeks you will have been made aware of any issues that have been holding you back and will be well equipped with the tools and support through our members only Facebook group to move forward effortlessly. 

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Root Chaka / Vagus Nerve

The first of our targeted area courses can be done following on from the unlocking course or stands on its own too. Join Marie Nugent & Felicia Banks over four weeks working with the archangels of abundance and taking a deep dive into prosperity consciousness activating and anchoring within the root chakra. 

Each week focuses on a particular crystal to use energies and powerful guided meditations to clear and move you forward. There is also a dedicated EFT tapping round each week which can be done whenever you feel the need over the course to revisit a certain area or if something comes up for you. 


Find your Courageous and Beautiful Voice

The second of the 4 week long courses stands alone or can follow on from the Root Chakra Course. For too long women especially have been silenced and today’s women carry generations of oppression with them which can affect all aspects of life. This course is ideal for the woman who wants to step it up and find and feel confident using her voice. Be it in business, at home, in relationships these powerful meditations, crystal healings & tapping rounds will help you to clear the blockages in your throat chaka and use your voice in a beneficial and magical way. 


Connect with your Cosmic Heart, Follow your dreams.

Connecting and working with your heart allows you to follow your dreams overcoming fear in the process. Chances are that if you are looking at this page you are feeling a calling to change something in your life or you are headed over here from one of our previous courses. If you feel the pull of crystals, feel the presence of otherworldly beings and know somewhere in your core that there is more out there you – then this is your time to sparkle and shine. Allow yourself to take the time and slip into the sacred space Marie and Felicia create for you.

Feel the Unified Energy of LOVE


Empowered Women, Powerful Families

When we as women empower ourselves, we empower our entire families. Not only do I support everyone who wants to live a more prosperous, fulfilling and abundant life I also specialise in helping those women find freedom by working through fear & issues that crop up as they deal with divorce and separation. I am a qualified EFT practitioner and meditation facilitator which is hugely helpful in dealing with feelings at any point in life, be it as children or as adults. I truly believe that in our many roles as women one of the things we can do is empower the generations that will come after us to live in their own magical world & live truly abundant lives. 

One of the ways that we can empower children is through showing them how to meditate and visualise using the greatest gift of their imagination. Practical steps they can take when going through their own challenging times.  Powerful uplifting words of encouragement help children to relax, recognise some of their feelings and give them choice. 

This bestselling CD is now available as an Audio Download so children can listen anywhere, anytime! Seven tracks can be downloaded individually or all together and make perfect family listening to create a loving safe space for all. 

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My name is Marie Nugent & now is your

I’ve been through my own challenges and know the trauma of dealing with issues that haven’t been faced before, in doing that I discovered a gift for helping other women go through their own challenging times. Having somebody who has got insight into your thoughts, feelings and emotions is invaluable for support when going through challenging times. 

I have been caring for women all my adult life through my work as a nurse, midwife and specialist in neonatal intensive care and the breast clinic supporting women in their new roles as mothers. Using my own challenging time as a catalyst for my own change I built on my experiences and completed courses in NLP, and EFT and explored energy work doing Reiki and integrated energy therapy. I combine all of these elements in supporting and mentoring women that are going through challenging times. 

Why Me- This is not Fair – I don’t deserve this 

We can all be guilty of getting stuck in a loop repeating these phrases to ourselves, feeling that we are the only ones going through tough times. In times when you may be questioning your own identity and what it is that makes you, ‘you’

I am able to offer a safe space to make these discoveries for yourself and change the language you speak to yourself. 

Everything you are going through is preparing you for something better