Living Invisible Lives

Leading Invisible Lives, what is it?

When thinking back over my life a phrase came to mind and I think that a lot of us can relate to it and it was called leading invisible lives.

At the time I would not have been aware of it I just knew that there was more to life than what I was living. There was more to being in a relationship where you were not seen, as a parent where you fulfilled a role , a career that you did very well in,  that may or may not give you pleasure but  the feeling was temporary.

It is a life of routine meeting the same people, doing the same things working at the same job feeling the same feelings, on the  treadmill of life. When I look back that’s what it felt like I was invisible and looking for a way not only to see myself as worthy, I wanted to be part of a relationship where you love, appreciate and see the other person in relationship with you  and not assume they are there. That you have rights to make decisions that are respected and not seen as a threat because you are not codependent on another for happiness but respected for making a decision that is right for you.

The awareness of the need for change was there long before it happened. It started with a desire to expand to grow to find meaning to discover a connection to something bigger, to see myself as a woman, a person, a power, valued and respected for their opinions and experiences. To be heard because I have something important to say,  to become a real person in my own right, to honour my feelings, to trust my gut to take leaps of faith. To live rather than exist.

All of these I did. I learned to let go of what no longer worked ,I did learn to trust my gut, to take a leap of faith ( there have been a few of those) , to value myself, to honour my experiences and biggest of all to trust that in making these decisions that I was looked after and guided and protected. Its been some ride up and down, people leaving and amazing new #powerfulconnections coming in. I  discovered a passion about learning about neuroplasticity the brains ability to wire itself and how we can use it to change our lives. I have learned most of all that we are so much more powerful than we realize.

You may be at this stage of awareness and feel the need to change. So the choice is yours, do you feel like you are living an invisible life? if so  do you want to do something about it . You can learn to see yourself first as a person of value,that you have everything you need within you to change, you do that you change your world from the inside out and for the better.

I have learned from experience that I have the ability to highlight peoples blindspots to see the bigger picture and what it is you can do to start your transformation.  To see life from a different perspective. To see what is holding you back and what you can do to change it.

Life is ever expanding comfort zone, each time you learn expand and grow, you after the initial fear, become more comfortable with it you learn and appreciate  the value of  your life’s  experiences and your expanding power.  Each experience adds to the value of who you are. When you focus on the value of you, you see the value in others. When you have knowledge and the willingness to change you can transform you life. You have the power!

If you are ready and willing  please book in for a connection call and we can see how we can work together so you can change your life!

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