Lets Start at Beginning!

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Lets Start at Beginning!

In the words of the song, lets’ start at the very beginning, it’s a very good place to start. How did I end up here talking to you about life, why were are here to overcome challenges that we are all here for a reason, we are unique and it is in our power to change the world. It is in our mission statement so to speak that we not have to make our own lives better but make a better life for the those that are coming after.
We stand on the shoulder of those who have gone before us, they took on a huge undertaking in paving the way for us women to now be in a position where we can create a better world not only for ourselves, our families our country and the world.
Is every woman on board with this, no definitely not because we don’t all have the level of awareness as yet and that can come at various times of our lives or not at all.
For me I was aware all my life that I was disconnected. I came from a loving family but still had a sense of that I was on my own. I am a visual person and when I saw it as a picture it was the night sky with one star in it with nothing around it and that was me. It would have brought up a huge amount of fear and isolation. This would be something that would have been in background while getting on with life school friends work partners children life.
We are all meant to feel connected and I feel it’s the biggest problem in the world today that people do not feel connected.
Why did I decide to change my life, at its core was that I was miserable, I knew there was more to life than the one I was living that we are meant to be happy fulfilled and I was not feeling any of those things.
I loved being a mother to 3 children, I was less in love with being married where I felt that the burden on responsibility was on me as I had chosen to be the one at home I devalued the contribution I was making to the wellbeing of others unfortunately my own wellbeing never came into it. It was not on the radar and that of course is the problem. We are not now meant to be slaves to our families.
So I do believe that there is a time in everyone’s lives where they get the urge to change and they have a choice they can change and look for ways how to do that or stay the way they are.
I had to go back to basics to discover who I was as a person. So the adventure begins I remember the first course I did was ‘Who am I “ I was going back to basics!
Along the way I have learned be open to new experiences and challenge your belief that you are not good enough. Look for courses that expand who you are, read books that expand your worlds. Do the exercises that allow sense of self to know who are it is all of these gives you a fuller picture of yourself. Life is an adventure not a treadmill so time to get off and create your world. Its what I did and am still doing because I will always be learning expanding and growing with new experiences and putting new colours into the picture that is my life!

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