Left Brain / Right Brain

We live in a world of left brain from the time we are born we are learning about life but then it becomes concentrated when we go to School into information learning. There was a time when there was no education and it was hugely necessary to educate the population. People fought for their right to be educated as it was through education the ability to read write was the key to successful futures, opened the door to people of all backgrounds with the ability to get better paid jobs and lead a better life than their parents had .

We are in a time of evolution and change and education is a right of all, but we have discovered that it is not only in being educated to get the right job does not necessarily mean that we are happy and fulfilled that in measuring our academic achievement might give us certain degree of satisfaction but it does not necessarily lead to the job of our dreams, because lets face it its not everyone who knows what they want to do in their lives when they are 18,28,38 etc sometimes it can take a lifetime to discover what you love doing.

Our children are now paying a different price for their left brain education because they are the next stage in evolution for them it is not about just academic achievement and following a well orchestrated path . They are the future and are here to challenge and change the world as is their right to do so.

They are struggling with the constraints of left brain thinking and in their struggle they are not equipped to deal with the strains of a modern life with information overload. They have judged themselves and if they don’t reach their goals they find themselves lacking, and if they do then there is a sense of the are still not good enough because when it comes down to it we are not robots that you fill with information wind them up and let them off. They need a sense of purpose belonging contributing sense of self that comes from within and not outside.

With the development of the right brain that we tap into the unknown where ideas and inspiration come from allowing it be unfettered gives us a whole new view of the world we come from and what we can do to improve it. I know what it is like to have your right brain firing with ideas it is truly amazing and then to have the benefit of back up of your left brain it is so much better.

My biggest struggle was in trusting the right brain with what it was telling me because it was in the realms of the unknown and our left brain does not trust the unknown. Its terms of reference is what we can see hear and touch and were told ,it has problems with the unknown where you are making up your own rules as you go along visualizing creating unveiling. Exciting , fun and scary at the same time .
Now that is living!

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