I had a dream, When your obstacles in your way are illusions!

Happy September,
Its my favourite time of the year, like the new year it feels like new beginning. Children going back to school,new uniforms, books and looking forward to connecting with their friends again.
It’s also my birthday month so I feel its a great time to relish new experiences, and start  learning new skills.
There are a few things that I am starting this September, learning how to upscale my business is one,  focusing on trusting myself and the guidance I’ve been given is another  As I get older the more I trust my guidance to bring  me in the direction I am meant to be going . It does not mean that you don’t question yourself and your decisions but you do know that in your heart its the right decision for you!
This  means developing for me good habit of connecting with myself and energy guiding me daily, listening out for the messages those flashes of inspiration!

One of the way we can get messages is through dreams. I had a dream ( one I remembered) where I was driving along and was turning right. When I looked the road that I wanted to drive up , there were obstacles in the way. Not major ones but looked like suitcases, enough to block the road. I got out of the car to move them and I realised that they were not in fact on the road I wanted to go on, but were on a different road. It was an optical illusion that they were in my path.
I really thought that was quiet prophetic. How often do we see our future with obstacles in the way , we worry and stress about it, only to discover that there was really nothing to worry about.
So the dream, this is my interpretation of it as I am not a dream interrupter  ( of course its positive as I believe the message was positive) one I was in the driving seat, which is a great place to be and is reflective of being in the driving seat in the decisions I am taking in life.
The other was turning right, which I took to be going in the right direction for me.
Lastly the
obstacles I saw in my way were an illusion that they are not really there at all. As I say there is perception and then there is reality.
Our fears can seem to put obstacles in our way that in reality might not be there at all.  When you are making big decisions in your life it is so natural that fears come up.
Our fear is trying to keep us safe but in doing that  it can keep us confined and stuck in the world we live in. What do we want that’s stronger than our fears? Asking ourselves that question and answering it honestly is a great indicator of what steps we would like to head in. Biggest energy is used in making the decision, once its made and it feels like the right decision everything falls into place. 
I don’t know if you know the saying. “When the pupil is ready the teacher appears” This is so true and it applies to when you are looking for help and guidance. There really is someone for everyone and they will usually pop up when you are ready to connect!
So if this has popped up for you I am happy to connect with you and have a chat about what you want to happen in your life. I help with women going through big life challenges, mentoring and supporting. Coming out of those challenges and rediscovering who you are or just getting clarity on what it is you want to do next in your life. Discovering your sense of self.
The women I work with are meant to stand out from the crowd and because of that they will be tested.
don’t have to go through it alone, having someone  mentoring and supporting you really can allow you to take a much more empowered and enlightened perspective  of whatever you are going through.
Remember its your Time to Sparkle and Shine
Love and Hugs

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