Holding the Faith for what you want.

Welcome to November’s Newsletter!
Happy Friday 13th I consider it a lucky day time to flip superstition !
I have always known that we all have an energetic connection, it is the most underused, yet the most powerful energy of all. I have been shown this again recently when I  my new house ( and its owner) were ready to connect! The energetic connections that was forged in the process of moving and the support that came with that move was magical!

It’s been a craze few months one that brought a lot of challenges to me personally. In May I got notice to leave the house I had been living in for the last 3 years. I was not surprised, it felt right and it was time to move on.
I did know the right house was there for me somewhere in my future but holding on to faith while waiting was the most challenging! Patience is one of the most challenging virtues, particularly when you are facing the unknown.
When the 3 months was up and I still did not have a house I moved in with my Mum. There was the fear that I would be there for a lot longer than was healthy for us both. It was not until I relaxed and allow myself to savour our time together that things started to happen. Living and  savouring the moment has a lot to be said for it.

It all started with a call , a house that was for sale was coming off the market and the owner rang me to see if I would be interested. I looked at the photos, fell immediately in love with the house, asked to see it that evening and took it straight away. When you know you know!
It ticked boxes that I did not even know I wanted.
It was unfurnished so allowed me to unpack the  house contents that had been in storage for the last 3 years and 9 months. That was a process in letting go, a very large skip, help of family.I had lived there for over 30 years so you can imagine all the memories!
It allowed me to move office as there was a perfect space and integrate contents of rented house too. So three spaces merged into one!
It allowed me to be in a magical place in nature, mature trees ,fabulous grounds and best of all a fairy garden!
The lesson learned: 
while I was looking for my house my search was too broad, when I decided on Loughrea I became more specific and easier to find house.
I also had to wait for my landlady to be in the space to rent her house again and she while she had been thinking about it for a while it was not until 16th September that she decided to take the plunge. She herself was stunned with the speed in which it happened.
So while you are ready in your life for a move, you also have to allow the other moving parts come into alignment.
Synchronicities at play, it turned out that we had so much in common, we share the same vibe and are very much in alignment with each other. We were connected for a reason! We are soul sisters and I feel we have work to do together!
I also have a support network of people that I can call on if I am in need. I have been so looked after and after a lifetime of looking after others it is such a nurturing experience.
Holding faith and trusting your intuition seems so simple but we are not taught to trust that we are being Divinely Guided and will be looked after if we follow our intuition and be guided by our dreams!

 I did feel the house would come to me ,but there was always the fear that it would not manifest.  Shifting the fear allows the energy to flow. FEAR is  so prevalent at the moment but its something that we can shift with a little help!
Ps: My free gift this month is a  lovely  empowering EFT session to help shift the fear that seems to be so prevalent at the moment. Enjoy. Please like share and subscribe! Many thanks and a Hug of Love …..Marie

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