Holding the energy for those around you.

To those of you that have negotiated their way through the energy of the last few months and are now feeling and seeing the light at the end of the tunnel well done in getting here!
Just because you have the tools to get you through life does not mean that you remember to use it. I know there are times when I certainly don’t. There are times when you need to stay in the energy ,feel the feelings, don’t fight it or criticise yourself  (something we seem to do naturally ) There are times when you need support in mind body and spirit.
Because a lot of my energy is in thoughts and feelings that I store in my body I love to get body work done. These therapies are still available  even in lockdown TG.
What support are you putting in place for yourself to make life easier for yourself, whos energy are you choosing to tap into? Guideline if the person you are talking to starts by saying Isn’t it terrible? it is a conversation that  you should consider steering in a different direction as it is a conversation that could impact your day either positively or negatively.
You have the power of choice and who you listen to, what you look at is it nurturing you and opening your world or is it shrinking it and filling it with fear.

If you’re a Mum  (or Dad) with family, how you look after yourself impacts you and your family. You are holding energy for the whole family and that requires that you mind yourself and surround yourself with uplifting people , looking and reading uplifting film and books.
There is an ebb and flow to life and energy and its about surfing the wave while maintaining your balance. Occasionally we fall off and thats ok, sometimes we get up straight away, sometimes we take a breath and it takes a while to get up.  Eventually we all get up because its what we do. To all fellow surfers of life I SALUTE you, you are  perfecting  the art of living life in balance!
Remember your are here for a reason and you are unique. The world needs you!
If you feel like changing your life and want support please contact me

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