For everything there is a Season

Last year when the  snow has made its presence felt  in March. I had totally new experience, for the first time in my life I was alone facing a epic force of nature. I had recently moved to Athlone and  living in the country literally at edge of a bog. I was prepared with food, heat and electricity. All the things we take for granted. Even thought I was alone which I actually did not mind too much I was fearful of losing what I had and the greatest of these were electricity. This was not something that I could control ,but the fear that came up was real particularly as I faced into the worse of the storm. I charged my laptop, made sure my spare battery was charged . I did  have a talk to myself and ask, what was the worst that could happen ? even if it did happen I would survive. Of course I would survive I had a fantastic house that would keep me safe,  warm, food and time to reconnect with myself. Took my a while to learn to trust that I was going to be fine!

Fear of the unknown can come up at any stage in our lives, particularly if we are contemplating change. For anyone who is following their dream or destiny learn to trust that they are taken care of I found was the greatest challenge. When we are in the fear we can forget the tools we have in our arsenal , I was no exception took a bit of work on my behalf to put the fear to one side so that it would not paralyze me during this challenging time. I do believe in the power of intent, instead of concentrating on what  is the worse that can happen you think about what you would like to happen instead and it worked. Gratitude for what you have, really powerful. Concentrating on all the things I could do for myself is really powerful.

So during the snow  ( nothing like a captive audience) I concentrated to all the things I am grateful for, still having heat food and electricity and even though some of the pipes froze I still had water coming into the house. The contact with my family and friends made a huge difference, we do need human connection and I appreciated it so much ,my lovely neighbour who called with drinking water all helped the make the experience, while one of the most challenging, not the worst I have been through. I did discover I broke the  experience into timeline  which was at its peak at the worst of the storm and when I thought I was over the worst I could  see the light at the end of the tunnel it uplifted my spirits.The storm had a time limit and I knew in advance.

I  also think one of the worst things we can do  is to  put a time limit on experience as we are going through them, if it goes beyond what we think the  time limit is, then it can seem like it will never end. That is where frustration and doubt comes in in life!

I re acquainted myself with trust and knowledge that I have all the help and support I need. The time allowed me to deal with fear and overcome it . I do believe that no experience is wasted and this was one I needed to face on my own, there was no escaping it or the emotions that came up, but they were my emotions and I knew that it was ok to acknowledge  them. I also found that the grief that I had been putting a lid on for years also came up but that is for another time .Having time to yourself allows you to feel, there is no distraction from all emotions that you had buried because of busyness  in surviving. For me it was ok for emotions to come up and be felt, there was no need to beat myself up just be gentle and do what I know worked when the time felt right.

We have everything we need within us. When you discover that guidance ( that Divine spark) that is within each and every one of us. Know that you are being looked after and you if you follow that guidance the nudges ,the way life has of communicating with each of us, you are creating a remarkable life for yourself!

So while the storm created havoc it had the knock on effect of bringing the country to a halt and gave is time out from the busy lives we lead. It press the reset button and there are times in our lives it is necessary to do that! If we do not press the reset button for ourselves then it will be done for us!

Go appreciate yourself this weekend, the world is better with you in it!

Hug of love to everyone.

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