The things that we go through, are preparing us for better…

When we are going through an ending of any type there are a range of emotions that we go through. The period of an ending can be hugely triggering and feelings of loss, resentment, anger and fear can overwhelm you. 

As humans, we are connected on so many levels – mental, emotional and of course energetic. When moving on with life and on from a situation you need to separate on all levels to be free and step up to become the person you are destined to become. 

Strategic mentoring at this specific time will allow you to process the challenges that you have faced, are currently facing and may face in future. The experiences you have now, the tools you will learn and the insight you will gain prepare you for any future challenges you might meet. I work with women from a place of experience and provide a safe harbour while you going through a stormy time in your life.