Separation to Divorce, the great awakening to who you are!

Healing takes place when we work with Mind Body and Spirit together!

When we are going through Separation/ Divorce there is a range of emotions that we go through. So many situations that can trigger us. These are actually positive, these triggers are teaching us about the person we want to become.What we will tolerate, what we won’t. So believe it or not, the partners we are moving on from, can be our biggest teachers! We are connected on so many levels, mental, emotional and of course energetic. We need to separate on all levels to be free, to step up to the person we are destined to become! Strategic mentoring can fast tract past the drama, allow you to process your feelings and emotions as well as energetically separating from each other.


If you are going through a time of change, then you are ready for that change!

Life does not give you anything you cannot handle, it is also giving you the choice to make the process easy or hard. In going through the process of separation and divorce you are given an opportunity to grow. All successful people have a mentor to help them to achieve their goals. What is your goal, what sort of a person do you want to be? What sort of a life do you want to be leading? Helping and supporting you through this life challenge, will positively impact in all aspects of your life – business, parenting, daily living. Gaining life experience, discovering who you are, is part of the process of discovering the gift of you! You are here for a reason, you are unique. You are meant to sparkle and Shine from the inside out. You are meant to make a difference.To light up the world!

When you join me you will learn the 5 Steps you can take now!

Connecting with yourself. What does that feel like, learn in how to tune in, importance of cutting ties!

Breaking down fear. It’s been proven that if you break down fear it loses the impact it has on your life.

Ditch the negative self talk. Words have power use wisely! How to use positive self talk on ourselves.

How using Emotional Freedom Techniques can help shift the fear we hold in our bodies.

Using affirmations , how they work and the positive impact a statement you feel can impact you.
Tie it all together!

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