What could you create in your life if you were not afraid!

Fear – there is so much you can do

Fear is something we all live with at some point in our lives. We often do not realise how debilitating it can be & how much it prevents us from doing until we have a big event or shift that forces us to rethink our attitude towards fear.No one is immune to fear & it is something I have experienced the highs and lows of over the years and I am sure will experience again as life goes on. What I do have though is coping techniques and a new way of thinking all together when it comes to feelings of fear – how to embrace them ,feel them, ditch them and move on to a new found freedom!.

You can shrink the effect fear has on your life

By shrinking those fear led feelings which often start with “what if” or “what will” you can move to making decisions from a place of love, enlightenment and ultimately freedom. At the end of the day this new way of thinking will manifest itself in all aspects of your life – business, parenting, daily living and if those feelings of fear do creep in again having been triggered by an event or comment, you’ll have the tools you need to be able to shrink them down & move forward confidently.

When you join me you will learn the 5 Steps you can take now!

Connecting with yourself. What does that feel like, learn in how to tune in

Breaking down fear. It’s been proven that if you break down fear it loses the impact it has on your life.

Ditch the negative self talk. Words have power use wisely! How to use positive self talk on ourselves.

How using Emotional Freedom Techniques can help shift the fear we hold in our bodies.

Using affirmations , how they work and the positive impact a statement you feel can impact you.
Tie it all together!

  • 6 sessions
  • One per week
  • Supportive environment. From Fear to Freedom is €350 to be paid in advance to book your place.


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