Empowered Parents. Powerful Children.

There are certain things when I see them they resonate with me. I was watching Christopher Robin the other night and this saying popped out at me. It was so true and said in a gently, powerful way.

I discovered in my life I was living the same days over and over again, particularly when the children were younger. It was work, home , maybe new even  classes  when September came around. Nothing that stretched my spirit or fed my soul.

We are not taught as mothers that we also have a right to give ourselves time and attention to nurture our souls. I have discovered the more time and attention we give to ourselves the more intune with ourselves we are, we get a sense of our own power & the more empowered we feel we pass that sense of empowerment onto our children. Being an empowered mother gives you a superpower that in turn influences all of those around you.

Empowered Mothers, Powerful Families.

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