Embracing Change

Embracing Change!
There are times in our lives when we get the urge to change. I have been through this many times and I usually find that it is a process that we go through to get to that point. So you feel you want to change your life and you don’t know where to start.
Lets look at your life and see where you stand.
Main areas in life

When I went on voyage of discovery I knew that there was more to life than the one I was leading and I knew that I wanted to change my thought process. I had a sense that if I changed that then everything would fall into place.
I actually started with energy to see if that would put me in tune with the magic of the energy of the world that surrounds us. They were great but just gave a portion of the picture. I do believe in Divine timing and when the NLP course came up I leapt at the opportunity because the whole concept of utilizing your brain and though process fascinated me. Boy it did not disappoint . I could actually feel the neurons in my brain firing because the thinking was so different to what I had been programmed to think. A lot of discovering ourselves is about being open to change and de programming ourselves. We are human beings in evolution and I feel part of it is discovering the magic within us and harnessing the energy which will allow that to happen.
There is not one part of you that is not working because each part of you impacts the whole of you. So the fact that you are stressed its not just your head feels its going to burst but your stomach is probably in knots too. Your appetitive is all over the place and your sleep is affected and emotionally your are all over the place. The whole of you is affected
What is the one thing in your life at the moment that will help destress your life, pick the one that is causing you most stress one in which you have some control that you can change it.
Get the support you need to help you change. Change by itself is challenging particularly if you are in a state of stress so going to someone that can help you deal with it is a big help and can give you a sense of power to implement changed. I go for a combination of energy and body work. There is EFT CBT great ways of letting pressure out of your body in a safe way and gets you in space where meditation works really well.

Support your body, there is a huge correlation between mood and food, When we are stressed we don’t want to hear that we have to give up coffee , cake, alcohol tv etc but each of these add to our stressed stated. You may not have to give them up for good just for a little while while your body lets go of stress.

Give yourself a break, we are human and this is part of the human experience, learning to love yourself and give yourself a pat on the back takes the pressure off you, knowing that you are doing the best you can and supporting yourself on the way.

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