Divine Feminine & Masculine in Balance

Divine Feminine and Masculine in balance
It is a great time to be a woman, we are discovering our power and what it means to be feminine. There is some way to go yet but considering we are overcoming thousands of years of programming its amazing what we have achieved over the last 100 years.
We are blessed with the women who had a vision and the determination to follow their dreams they had to fight for their rights and in a lot of cases they also had to adopt masculine traits to succeed. They lead the way so that we can do it our way where we can develop as women working with parts of us that had been suppressed for years. The feminine power was always considered a threat which was why it was controlled out of fear of its power.
The feminine power is all about nurturing caring empathy understanding love compassion and collaboration for us humans to survive they there needs to be more of an embodying of these traits.
Now that it is on the rise again it must be done so in balance for mankind to survive we must both do so in balance. That way both can thrive and grow.
Men are also going through their own transformation and finding out what it is to be a man in the modern age and that is a challenge as there is no rule book and what your role is if its not just as provider, protector, defender controller but all of this has been at the expense of their female counterparts and it is in rediscovering that part of them the nurturing part was not allowed to develop and grow and it is now time to do that for women to allow their partners develop their nurturing side. There is change afoot and we now see some partners swapping roles that is what evolution is about as a species to grow in balance with the best of masculine and feminine and its where we humanity will thrive!

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