Why aren’t more women rich? this is something I ask myself time and time again. As women we have no blueprint for immense wealth – going back through generations the overwhelming story of ‘the women’ is as mothers, home makers, we fall naturally into a caring role where we give away so much of ourselves. Today we carry with us generations of this, now it is time to clear our the old, clear out any limiting beliefs or values holding you back and move forwards and embrace the prosperity, the wealth and the abundant living that you so deserve. 

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Join Marie Nugent and Felicia Banks, two powerful experienced light working women as they guide you through 7 weeks of gentle meditation, Emotional Freedom sequences and crystal healing to unblock the path forwards enabling you to step into the wealth, prosperity and abundance that you truly deserve. When Marie and Felicia came together to work on this course they found that truly the path of their own lives completely changed & the course took on a life of its own! They know first hand how important it is to clear the blocks of generations before us and to live an awakened life. 

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