Christmas is not just a Season – its a feeling!

Christmas is not just a season its a feeling (Edna Ferber)
As we are all aware this has been a year like 2020, we have been challenged like no other year before. I do believe though that in a way it was pressing a reset button and allowed us to to take stock, let go what no longer served and it certainly made us appreciate our families, friends and work colleagues.
What activates the Christmas feelings for you?
Listening to music, meeting friends, parties, buying presents?
How do you capture the feeling, do you bring it with you or do you get it from your surroundings.
Music is certainly a great catalyst . We put on Bing Crosby’s Christmas songs when we are decorating our tree, which brings back wonderful memories.
I find its not about presents, its about experiences, the joy of connection, gratitude that all are well and healthy. The blessings that we share. Having  a house that I feel loved in. A support system that I appreciate. A future that I have grown into that is guiding me in direction that I look forward to sharing and making a difference.
We are all here for a reason, we are unique and whatever we contribute in the world makes it a better place.
We are meant to sparkle and shine, we do not have to be on stage to do it. It is a feeling we have when we think of ourselves to start with. Allowing us to see ourselves for the beautiful souls we are allows us to see the beauty in others. In appreciating our inner Divinity allows to appreciate the Divinity in others. In this way we all shine.
We were born prepared for times like this, so gather up your Christmas vibe and allow yourself to Shine all year round!

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