Changing the World!

Welcome to October 2020’s Newsletter! 

I do like my seasons  and Autumn has a beauty all of its own. Nature appearing in glorious autumnal colours as the trees begin to shed their leaves. Crisp air to fill your lungs. I personally love seasons and the variety and beauty that each one brings. In recent years the boundaries between seasons have become more blurred , we are living in an ever evolving world.

2020 has been a year like no other. It has pressed a reset button on the way we did things and now allows us to break that cycle so that changes can to occur.

The latter part of this year is about what it is you want to create in your life going forward.
How do you want to reconnect with yourself?
Do you want to feel more in tune with who you are, how you feel and give yourself the time and space to  appreciate and know who you are.
Do you want to expand out of a role that was created for you and create one that nurtures and supports your vision of you in all your glory! 
It is a great time for self development,  allowing you and your world to expand. 

To start all you need is the feeling ,the willingness  to change, the knowing there is something better. Then comes the support, one to one or group, so important, it makes what we want to achieve easier to steer towards and achieve.

If you want to change your world then go to someone who has changed theirs first. If you are a working Mum then go to someone who knows the thoughts, feelings and emotions of what it is like to be a  woman, a working Mum with family and all that means.

Go to someone who has learned not only to love respect and support themselves and do the same for  those around them !

When YOU  are ready to embrace your Divine power!
I will be here after the Halloween break, ready willing and able to support you! 

Transforming your fear to freedom
It is why I am here!

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