Change to stories we tell ourselves, changes the meaning can change your life!

August Blog post
Today is the 1st and the start of one of the most powerful weeks of the year. We will have the Lions Gate and a new moon happening on 8/8. There is a cosmic alignment as well as a new moon. A really lucky time a great time to dream big and embrace the abundance that waiting for you!

I have done a lot of work on myself over my lifetime but I made a big discovery lately. Its the reason I put the title on this post about the story you tell yourself, but its not just the story, more importantly  its the meaning you put on that story.

While a lot of great things have happened in my life I found that there was one aspect that nothing seemed to happen. I also realised that every day I reminded my self of that fact. So my life became a self fulfilling prophecy. I was stuck in the feeling, but not seeing the story. I told myself because  nothing was happening I was a  failure, among other things and the feeling went with it, that I felt in my body was toxic. I repeated my story daily and felt the feeling that went with it. Not a nice place to be!

I recently got some guidance and I listened. It changed everything for me. I changed the story I was telling myself and it came with the affirmation above.The affirmation had to be powerful enough to change the feeling in my body. It allowed me to connect to the spirit within me that was trying to connect, but could not because I was stuck in the energy of not good enough. The feeling in my solar plexus was gone and replace by heart centered loving energy. Namely a warm fuzzy feeling! I love warm fuzzy feelings of feeling loved!

It immediately changed the story I was telling myself. So I now start each day telling myself  that I am shown daily how loved  and blessed I am. I have found that little things magically happen when I start telling myself this story. But it also changed the way I felt about myself.
What story are you telling yourself daily and what meaning and feeling comes with it. Do you want to change it?  You can if you want to!
I hope everyone will have a lovely magical August.  Why not allow yourself to feel that lovely warm feeling that you are loved. Remind yourself daily of how loved you are. You are so worth it!

With love as your guide you cant go wrong. Remember YOU are here for a reason and you are Unique. You make a difference in the world!

Taking bookings now for my 6 week from Fear to Freedom starting in September.

Great time to be supported in letting fear go!
We are stronger together, sharing with love!

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