Hi my name is Marie Nugent, I love life, I love the experiences I have had, I love the growth that I have gone through. I love that I have followed my guidance and it  that it has brought me here in my life – has it all been sunshine and roses? no, of course it has not. 

I never considered myself a victim. Did I love everything that I went through? definitely not!  But I instinctively knew that they were experiences necessary to expand and grow. It was  the process  of learning to  connect and trust myself and my  Divine guidance that transformed my life.   The added bonus is that I gained a huge amount of Wisdom along the way.

I am the eldest of 4 children, daughter, sister, mother, have been a wife , who has been through the challenges  of discovering myself through the process of separation ,divorce and bringing up 3 children mostly  on my own. I remain amicable with my X- husband and proud of the fact that we  have a love and respect for each other. We were part of each others lives for nearly 30 years and wish only good things for each other.

I trained as a nurse ,midwife, SCBU. I enjoyed my work but embraced the opportunity to travel  through my husbands work as a family, experiencing living in Israel, Syria, Australia, America and finally in Belgium. As anyone who knows that has traveled it takes a while to find your feet when you return  it make you reevaluate your life and what you want to achieve.

I knew that I wanted to continue working with people ( women in particular ) I was feeling disconnected from who I was as a woman and the roles I was playing of wife , mother, nurse  while they were fulfilling still felt that I was missing part of myself. I felt I was on the treadmill of life, on autopilot. So I went on a voyage of discovery, to awaken the woman within and to see how I could connect with the Divine Spark within me.

I studied as many of the energy modalities as I could became a Reiki master, qualified in IET and did all levels of the Mystery School. They were all fantastic and I took what I needed from each and continued to look for that missing connection. 

I studied Reflexology, Indian Champissage, Hopi Ear candling, and EFT these were working on the body as opposed to energy and were also fantastic in their own way but still did not get connection with self that I  felt was missing. 

It was when I discovered NLP and studied it for over 2 years that the missing connection revealed itself to me and I felt my perception of who I was transformed. I developed my sense of self and the missing connection.I knew that I had come home to me. It was the part that was Divinely connected and I felt that whatever happened in life I would be able to navigate it.

I went on to record an audio cd for children called ‘You have the Power’  7 stories in which I use powerful techniques to change children’s awareness of themselves, learn about breathing and relaxing and to access their own power to allow them to navigate through life.

I believe that we are more powerful when we are together . I am a huge fan of Networking and have been since I joined Network Ireland, Dublin branch in 2014. I loved it so much that I went on to become Network Dublin president in 2017. One of the happiest , fun  and challenging years! I loved creating events and bringing women together to support and inspire each other. I was also during that year that I sold my house and moved house twice. Don’t do things by half!

Following the Clues

I have moved around a lot throughout life but all of them I have allowed myself to be intuitively guided. Following the Clues is about the guidance of whats going to happen next. Sometimes the circumstances that we think are challenging are actually just moving us forward. 

I created Time to Sparkle and Shine, because there are a lot of women who are now going through what I went through and are looking for that connection with themselves, to change their worlds, to become visible, and most of all to love, value, respect themselves.

2022 has been an incredibly powerful year, I began working with my dear friend Felicia Banks creating courses that go deeper in clearing old patterns beliefs and behaviours. In developing the courses we have and doing the work in clearing the patterns and doing some ancestral healing of our own we discovered Prosperity Consciousness.