Discover & Expand your Prosperity Consciousness 

We can feel lost, disconnected, sad at any stage of our lives. You can be trapped in a life that outwardly seems perfect, feeling like you have lost our sense of self.  You know there is more to life than the one you are living

I work with people who are discovering this, who know this deep in their core, that the essence of being you is bigger than what you embody here. We all carry with us generations of hurts and traumas, beliefs and values that come from years ago and usually are doing us no favours. 

I am here to work with you to clear the decks – shift the old energies from previous lives and allow you to move forward and awaken your prosperity consciousness and start living an abundant life. 


Unlocking the Keys & Codes for Feminine wealth, prosperity & abundance. 

A 7 week long introductory course working on entry level clearing & reframing of existing beliefs to awaken your prosperity consciousness.


Accessing the Keys & Codes for feminine wealth, prosperity & abundance 
Unblock and Activate your Root Chakra                         4 week long course working with the angels and crystals to heal and unblock your root chakra. If despite your best intentions things don’t seem to go your way in life or you struggle with confidence this is the one for you!


Accessing the Keys & Codes for feminine wealth, prosperity & abundance 
Unblock and Activate your Throat Chakra   

Helping women to speak their truth and unlock the abundance that awaits them. Perfect to move on to after other courses, or as a stand alone for any woman who feels she isn’t being heard. 4 weeks via video & extras. 


My name is Marie Nugent & now is your

When we as women empower ourselves, we empower our entire families. Not only do I support everyone who wants to live a more prosperous, fulfilling and abundant life I also specialise in helping those women find freedom by working through fear & issues that crop up as they deal with divorce and separation. I am a qualified EFT practitioner and meditation facilitator which is hugely helpful in dealing with feelings at any point in life, be it as children or as adults. 

Find your childs inner inspiration with our guided meditation tracks.
Strategic mentoring through seperation and divorce leading to a more prosperous life
Support when you need it